Improving patient lives by improving the instruments used to diagnose and treat them.

Every day, patients and healthcare professionals put their trust in diagnostic instruments. To deliver the most accurate and reliable insights, many of these tools need light.

That’s where Volpi comes in.

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The Volpi Voice - November

Here, you'll find valuable downloads, webinars, illustrations and videos that showcase challenges and opportunities facing our instrument manufacturer clients, their clients and the IVDs. We'll also dive into more of the Life Sciences industry as a whole.

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Meet the experts in optoelectronics.

At Volpi, we are experts in the emission, transmission and detection of light to create insights. With the ultimate goal of improving patient’s lives, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance the performance of diagnostic instruments, so healthcare professionals can better research and diagnose diseases and make more informed treatment decisions.

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What Sets Volpi Apart?

As an optoelectronics innovator, Volpi enables in vitro diagnostics and life sciences instrument manufacturers to achieve leaps forward in measurement accuracy. We do this by building on a history of proven success and partnership with the world's leaders in diagnostics and life sciences, a focus on solving specific challenges, and a full ecosystem approach that enables us to deliver for customers from start to finish.

In Vitro Diagnostics

When it comes to detecting and quantifying diagnostic analytes, lab applications require precise measurements, multiplexing, high sample throughput and outstanding reliability. Learn how Volpi delivers it all with certification to ISO 13485.

Life Sciences

From genetic and protein research to biomarker discovery and beyond, a number of Life Sciences applications require optoelectronics technologies. See how we work to create and provide smart modules that address them all.

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Volpi Values

Our values should guide us in all we do. These are the key tenets that make Volpi who we are as a company, as a team and as a member of our communities and our industry.

We are

We have a sense of ownership in all we do. We make the extra effort. Challenge the status quo. We empower our people to take action and make smart decisions, quickly. We lead by example and are resilient in the face of adversity.

We are focused on

Because our work affects people's health we are relentlessly focused on quality. We innovated without ever compromising quality. We view challenges as opportunities for greatness and are committed to continuous improvement. We do all this because our mission is to improve the instruments used to diagnose and treat disease.

We are

We LISTEN and then act - positively, smartly, together. We trust each other. We are accountable to each other, our clients, our industry and the people and patients they serve. We are good teammates, communicating openly and honestly for the greater good.