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AI in Life Sciences and Diagnostics

How it leads to better performance, productivity and profitability.

Digitalization is a hot topic across life sciences and diagnostics, especially with conversations about artificial intelligence fueling the fervor. But what does it mean “on the ground?” What can it do for you right now?

It is Volpi’s point of view that embedding AI into the “heart” of instrumentation (the optoelectronic module) is the key to improving instrument and lab performance and productivity.

In this guide, Better data. Better instrument performance. How embedded intelligence increases performance, productivity and profitability., Volpi, the world leader in smart optical modules for life sciences and diagnostics, details the kinds of performance, productivity and profitability benefits instrument manufacturers can realize from embedding intelligence, AI, into the heart of their instrumentation – the optics.

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A recent Deloitte survey of global industry leaders indicated just how fast investments in AI are growing:

More than 60% of life sciences companies have spent OVER $20 million U.S. on AI initiatives in 2019, and more than half expect those investments to grow considerably.

Top outcomes life sciences companies are trying to achieve with AI include:

  • Enhancing existing products (28%)
  • Creating new products and services (27%)
  • Making processes more efficient (22%)
  • Most (43%) report having used AI successfully to make processes more efficient

To see how you can use AI to achieve these and other strategic business objectives, download our guide Better data. Better instrument performance. How embedded intelligence increases performance, productivity and profitability.

Join us at AACC

To get a close-up look at what’s possible with embedded intelligence optical modules, see a live DEMO at our booth at AACC, September 26th – 30th, in Atlanta, Georgia!

About Volpi

At Volpi, we are experts in the emission, transmission and detection of light to create insights.

Volpi is thinking about these questions every day as it serves many of the world’s largest life sciences and diagnostics manufacturers.

We don’t have all the answers, but the first step is to make sure we are asking all the right questions.

With the ultimate goal of improving patient’s lives, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance the performance of diagnostic instruments, so healthcare professionals can better research and diagnose diseases and make more informed treatment decisions.

If you’d like to learn how Volpi is thinking about and working on all of these industry issues and how we help improve patient lives by optimizing the performance of the instruments used to diagnose and treat them, email us at