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quidel savanna

Volpi powers Quidel's revolutionary new Savanna multiplex real-time PCR testing platform with simple sample-to-result operation.

Savanna is a multiplex molecular platform that enables professional customers to analyze up to 12 pathogens or targets, plus controls, from a single assay run in less than 30 minutes. The Savanna system is a fully integrated, sample-to-result automated in-vitro diagnostic platform that performs real-time Polymerization Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, performing sample and reagent preparation, nucleic acid extraction and amplification, real-time detection of RNA or DNA target sequence, and qualitative or quantitative result interpretation from a variety of sample types.

Volpi, the industry leader in Life Sciences and Diagnostics optoelectronics, was Quidel’s partner in Savanna’s development, enabling the readout of up to FOUR different fluorescence channels in order to process multiplex PCR assays:

  • A full set of fully integrated electronics and microcontroller
  • Firmware smart functions: LED current control, temperature error warnings, data failure warnings – and more
  • Analytical sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of single DNA or RNA molecules
  • 4-Plex detection in each of 4 spatially separated detection windows
  • Minimum size detector design
  • Cost-effective fiber-based excitation
  • Integrated FW for data pre-validation

“Collaborating with Volpi has been highly rewarding for Quidel. We appreciate Volpi’s expertise, determination, and speed in optoelectronics measurement module design, development, and industrialization. The development teams are working together very effectively, and we look forward to expanding the collaboration.”

Johannes Kehle, VP and General Manager, Quidel Corporation

To learn about how Volpi worked with Quidel to meet its innovation objectives, and how we can help you do the same, download our Savanna case study by filling out the form below:

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