Webinar with CEO Max Kunz

Covid has certainly changed the diagnostics industry landscape. The question is how much and for how long? How many of the changes are unique to Covid and disappear in a post-Covid world? How many are here to stay? We don’t have all the answers, but we have collected many of the key issues the industry is thinking about both long and short-term. Join us on Thursday, May 20 for a webinar on the future of Diagnostics post-COVID with Volpi CEO Max Kunz.

In This Edition of The Volpi Voice:

Miniaturization of PCR testing instruments

To move testing closer to the point-of-care, traditional manufacturers are attempting to miniaturize their offerings to close the time to diagnosis and treatment gap.

A changed diagnostics regulatory landscape

Will COVID mean a permanent change in regulatory standards and approvals in terms of speed and quality?

Rate of M & A – rising or slowing?

It could slow as COVID comes under control, OR iIt could rise with instrument manufacturers who fall behind the instrument-free diagnostics curve.

The rise of telehealth with in-home testing options

Telehealth is stealing share from every aspect of healthcare – the “last mile” is diagnostics – and with at-home testing, antigen now, and diagnostics coming, how might that affect traditional instrument players?

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