Reliable lean manufacturing

Volpi’s manufacturing processes for optoelectronic module solutions, developed and implemented during the industrialization phase, utilizes lean manufacturing adapted to customer requirements in environmentally controlled conditions. Well-trained employees and tailored work cells, in combination with optimized in-house production logistics, ensure consistently high product quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Extensive cross-training of production personnel helps us to adjust manufacturing capacity flexibly to changes in demand. The growing business size of tenders won or lost by our IVD customer leads to higher demand volatility, which Volpi has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet expectations.

Quality assurance & ISO 13485 conformance

Quality assurance is of utmost importance. Volpi’s statistical process control and 100% testing of performance critical metrics against carefully defined specifications are standard. Our goal is 100% compliance of delivered products.

All processes related to development, industrialization, manufacturing and life cycle management conform to ISO 13485, are audited regularly and certified to ISO 13485.

Established supply chain network and processes

Volpi’s professional supply chain management system contributes to consistently performing as a single source for large IVD and Life Sciences companies.