Design Transfer

Ensuring seamless transfer to manufacturing

Manufacturing process design & implementation

Designing and implementing lean manufacturing processes suitable for reliably achieving highly variable production outputs is a domain in which Volpi excels. Value stream design and prototyping of processes are performed routinely.

Manufacturing fixtures and tools are designed and built for each specific optoelectronic module, and constitute one of the elements of Volpiā€™s core knowhow. To optimize process stability and cost, certain process steps, such as gluing optical components, are automated.

High and consistent product quality is driven from integrated and well-documented work instructions as well as highly experienced and trained production personnel.

Tester design and build

Volpi designs and builds automated production testers and test fixtures for the developed smart optoelectronic modules. The test strategy aims for testing physical properties to determine and ensure the required functionality of measurement modules in instruments. When required, Volpi also performs wet-chemistry testing to ensure 100% compliance to the agreed specifications.

The test strategy results align module quality standards to specific customer instrument requirements while lowering total cost of quality.

Critical Success Factors in moving from optical design to manufacturing

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