Design and Development

Being involved in instrument development projects early allows Volpi to develop optimal solutions

Manufacturability and design to cost are major requirements, which Volpi addresses early in development to achieve highly reliable and cost effective solutions.

Volpi’s design, development and engineering resources are allocated to customer projects that can be carried forward to industrialization and manufacturing at Volpi and ongoing supply to customers.

Adapting to our customer’s individual quality system requirements is a proven strength of Volpi’s approach and results in seamless and successful collaborations.

The combination of development, industrialization and manufacturing results in key benefits for our customers:

  • Optimal speed to market
  • Complete ownership and accountability
  • Holistic life cycle management

Volpi is also engaging in collaborations that start from existing breadboards, pre-prototypes or prototypes, and even developed modules that require sophisticated industrialization and manufacturing capabilities.

Volpi Development Process

  • Technical consulting
  • Understanding the customer’s needs
  • Identifying technical risks
  • Building lab models
  • Developing the solution according to the agreed scope and cost (NRE + cBOM)
  • Requirements management
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Verification and testing
  • Process engineering and design transfer
  • Supporting changes and updates
  • Handling obsolesence
  • Proposing cost reductions