Advancing blood safety with high sensitivity immunoassay detection

One of the world’s leading providers of plasma screening and blood plasma-based products has approached Volpi to develop and manufacture a multichannel optical reader for highly sensitive multiplex immunoassays.

Advancing blood safety


The company came to Volpi to help it better position itself in serology and advance its market position in plasma screening by achieving the sensitivity of expensive nucleic acid testing (PCR) through the development of an innovative technology. The technology brings about comparably affordable immunoassays that help detect pathogens quickly via high-throughput instruments to be used by blood and plasma screening in plasma/blood screening centers.


Volpi’s solution relies on its expertise in confocal laser microscopy and systems
engineering, combined with Single Molecule Counting technology, that

  • Multiplexing capability for at least 3 optical channels at a single digit femtomolar level sensitivity
  • Design for high instrument run-time, resulting in 41,000 hours of total measurement time per instrument and year, based on an estimated sample quantity
  • Includes an innovative, embedded intelligence with in-line data processing that speeds up performance and enables remote monitoring and service for optimal uptime and availability