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Leading In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences research companies are partnering with Volpi.

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Featured Testimonial
Client: Thierry Bernard
Position: Interim CEO
Organization: QIAGEN

"We are engaging with Volpi in several optoelectronic module development projects for a number of QIAGEN'S next generation instrument platforms because of their strong systems engineering expertise and track record in manufacturing the fluorescense microscope imaging module for our GeneReader Next Gen. Sequencing instrument, and was key for the successful industrialization. I look forward to continuing and expanding the collaboration between QIAGEN and Volpi."

Featured Testimonial
Client: Johannes Kehle
Position: Senior Director and General Manager
Organization: QUIDEL

"Collaborating with Volpi has been highly rewarding for Quidel. We appreciate Volpiā€™s expertise, determination and speed in optoelectronics measurement module design, development and industrialization. The development teams are working together very effectively, and we look forward to expanding the collaboration."

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