Why did you join Volpi?

“At Volpi, I saw the opportunity to exchange knowledge with experts – colleagues and and customers – in manifold fields, and to apply and deepen my optical expertise. From the moment I entered the office on my first day at Volpi, I have been thrilled by the enthusiasm of the Volpi team for working in the In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences industries and having a positive impact on people’s health.”

Laura Bilgeri has joined Volpi team in Sep 2019. Before she worked for 8 months in the 3D printing industry, where she revised and optimized the laser sinter unit, which is the heart of 3D printing systems based on selective laser sintering.

Laura received her doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) in the field of optical sciences/optical measurement technology from the Technical University Munich in 2019. Her research comprised the optical simulation, prototyping and testing of a complex optical system for measuring optically rough surfaces under harsh environmental conditions. Laura holds a B. Sc. degree in Engineering Physics and M. Sc. in Photonics, both from Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Laura Bilgeri
Optical System Engineer and Technical Consultant