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Advancing blood safety with
high sensitivity immunoassay detection

Advancing blood safety with high sensitivity immunoassay detection

One of the world’s leading providers of plasma screening and blood plasma-based products has approached Volpi to develop and manufacture a multi-channel optical reader for highly sensitive multiplex immunoassays with the goal of producing a lower-cost, higher-performing, more available blood testing alternative to traditional PCR – all enabled by Single Molecule Counting technology.

The technology will be expanded to at least three fluorescence channels with an ultra-low limit of detection in the femtomolar range in multiplex assays for the early detection of infectious diseases. For high throughput, the available read time per sample is fast, around a few seconds.

To learn how Volpi’s intelligent optical solution is helping the company strengthen its leading position in the serology screening of plasma and blood complementing its market-leading position in the screening of plasma using NAT, download our Case Study here.

Case Study

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