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Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Volpi’s Approach To Improving dPCR Testing

Volpi has developed proprietary frameworks and leveraged its expertise in dPCR to address the technical challenges of finding target molecules quickly in a sample. The goal of dPCR is to accurately count the number of partitions that contain the target molecules, but non-uniform target amplification and fluorescence detection system issues can complicate this process. By…

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Meet Guido Niederer: Lead Optical Systems Engineer at Volpi Group

Meet Guido Niederer, a Lead Optical Engineer at Volpi Group who has worked on projects ranging from point-of-care qPCR instruments to confocal microscopes with single-molecule detection. He takes us through his work at Volpi and shares his insights into the field of optical engineering.  My Name is Guido Niederer, and I am a Lead Optical…

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From Traditional to Agile: How Volpi’s Work Mode Adaptation Is Boosting Efficiency and Innovation

In our pursuit of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and to meet increasing demand, Volpi recently underwent an Agile transformation. By rolling out Agile methodology to multiple teams, implementing new tools and utilizing designated Agile coaches, Volpi achieved impressive results. Increasing demand for highly specialized optical detection technology requires Volpi to grow…

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Balancing Excitement and Safety: Reflections on Attending the First In-Person Conference in Two Years

After two years of virtual conferences, a much-anticipated in-person J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was recently held in San Francisco. The world has adapted to virtual conferences due to the pandemic, but nothing can compare to the energy and excitement of an in-person gathering. The great city of San Francisco greeted us with typical January weather,…

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